Only God Forgives new UK trailerStallone and Schwarzenegger in Escape PlanHotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.
Only God Forgives new UK trailer
Stallone and Schwarzenegger in Escape Plan
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

Luffy takes Super at SVB 2010, Ryan Hart puts Daigo out!

Super Versus Battle 2010 just took place in London this week, with over 8 different fighting games being played in tournament style over the full weekend. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like SVB have managed to come up with a stream, so we’re going to have to hope that most of it was recorded and will be uploaded in the coming days.

The big surprise of the weekend however seems to have been that Prodigal Son aka Ryan Hart managed to put Daigo out! Daigo initially selected Cammy against Hart’s Ryu and lost the first game. He switched to Ryu afterwards but Ryan Hart managed to win it out without Daigo taking a single game.

Apparently earlier on in casuals Daigo wiped the floor with Ryan’s Dhalsim, and Ryan asked for a blind select when he came to face Daigo in the tourney. Daigo went with the Sim counterpick and must have regretted it! According to a recent tweet Daigo was saying he’s been playing the hardest he’s ever played with this visit to the UK!

Luffy took the Super SF4 title, putting out Yota in the semis. Yota completely handled me at ECL with his awesome Dhalsim, and it was great to see that he’d ranked so well as he seemed like a really nice guy.

More results to come as I find them out, but Neoempire is yet to be updated with the full results listing.

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